21 Days of Prayer
and Fasting

21 Days 

Prayer and Fasting 

Step 1
Set Your Objective. It's important to ask yourself "why" am I fasting? Ask The Holy Spirit for clarity and guidance.
Step 2
Make A Commitment. Jesus implied to all of His followers they should fast. Making a commitment ahead of time is crucial to sustaining the fast.
Step 3
Prepare Your Heart. Prepare in two ways: through repentance and through openness. Be willing to receive what God is speaking to you and be willing to surrender.
Step 4
Prepare Your Body. During the fast your body will more than likely be detoxing. Drink lot of water and consult your doctor if needed.
Step 5
Create A Schedule. The goal of the fast is a personal encounter with a Living God. Plan where and when you will spend time seeking him in prayer.
Step 6
End Your Fast Gradually. At the end your temptation will be to binge on whatever you have abstained from. Take it slow.
Step 7
Expect Results. Christ tells us that if we seek him, he will reveal himself to us. If you humble yourself and seek God's face you will experience a deeper understanding and awareness of his presence.

Prayer and Fasting Guide

To help you on your 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting we have created a guide to help your prepare and sustain your fast. We recommend downloading and putting the guide to use.

Download  Guide Below