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Kinetic Groups

Kinetic Groups create discipleship, build community, and are designed to help us grow past Sunday.
Life keeps moving, so let's move together. Groups take place throughout the week in different locations, so check out the options below. We can't wait to join hands and lift each other up.

Allen & Janice Speegle

Going Deeper
We love discussing nuggets from heart touching messages we hear! What did Sunday's message say to you?  We'll go over the Sunday messages, share what they meant to us personal, answer questions that you may have, and learn how we can apply these Sunday morning truths throughout the week.
Meets every other Tuesday @ 6:30p

Kim Garretson

The Chosen Devotional
The Chosen is a television show that brings the Jesus we know and love to life on the screen! I'm passionate about sharing Jesus with others in way that are practical; like simply watching TV. Join us as we all watch The Chosen together and complete their devotional as a group. If you've already seen the show, you will love walking back through it with us!
Meets every other Monday @ 6:00p

Matt Hart

Skateboarders have always been dismissed as outcasts and weirdos. If you are one of those outcasts who likes rolling around on some wood and four wheels, this group is for you! Join us as we skate local skate spots and help us build some ramps, rails, funboxes, etc. to use at the church for skate nights. Skaters of all ages and experience levels are welcome! As long as you want to learn, you’re a skater in our book! In this group, we will spend time learning new tricks together as well as learning how to navigate life together. Jesus was an outcast and considered to be a weirdo by mainstream society as well. You’re in good company!
Meets every other Friday @ 4:00p

Josh Garretson

Legacy is going to be just for fathers and sons who are between the ages of 7-13. We will spend time creating, building, and competing together to generate a common goal for us to work toward. Each week will include a corresponding scripture to help cultivate conversation between fathers and sons during the week. I am passionate about Children's Ministry and believes strongly in the Father-Son relationship for each and every family. I'm looking forward to discovering new ways to grow our relationship with the Father, together.
Meets every other Monday @ 6:00p

Makyna Hart

Do you remember how easy it was to make friends as a child? If you're like me, you likely passed notes in school signed L.Y.L.A.S. -or, Love You Like A Sister. As a women, we all long for those sisterhood friendships. After many years of hurt and burnout in relationships, God has restored my heart in this area and I'm excited to lead this group with a renewed passion for growing Godly friendships! This biblical book study on friendship will deepen the relationships you already have, help you learn how to deal with conflict, lead you to heal from past hurts, and grow the confidence and boldness within you that it takes to open your heart to the new friendships that are waiting on you!
Meets every other Friday @ 6:30p

Nicole Monson

I love spending quality time creating friendships and love to explore the local community, restaurants, and have authentic fellowship. Together, we do all that! Grounded means mentally and emotionally stable, and we want that to pour over from our spiritually grounded walk with God. Our goal with Grounded is to keep each other accountable with our daily devotional and to create habits that change the future!
Meets every other Monday @ 6:00p

Alex Monson

Revved Up
Revved up is geared towards moving people into a more fulfilling relationship with Jesus. It does not matter if you have two wheels or four, get geared up as we set out on an adventure together to move your soul. 
Meeting twice a month on Saturdays @ 9:00am 

Seth Adgate

Humble And Radically Dependent (HARD) is for Men who want to learn how to become a real man. Society is pushing as hard as ever to emasculate men. Are we suppose to step aside and let this happen? Is being a man toxic? Should my wife submit to me even if I'm not submitted to Christ? Believe it or not the word of God has these answers. Join  in on the daily reading of scriptures, the observations of those scriptures, how we can apply it to our lives right now and praying like you have never prayed before.
Meets every other Monday @ 6:30pm 

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