Man Camp 2023

🔥 Join us at ManCamp on October 20-21, hosted by Movement Church, for a weekend that celebrates our divine calling as stewards of God's creation. It's a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature, bond with fellow men, and strengthen your faith while enjoying adventure in the great outdoors.

🌲 Embrace Your Dominion: As men, we've been entrusted with a special responsibility - to exercise dominion over God's creation. At Man Camp, we'll explore what it truly means to be stewards of the earth, it's people, and how to honor God's gift.

🥩 Savor the Flavor: Kick off your ManCamp experience with a hearty steak dinner, where we'll share stories, laughter, and delicious food around the campfire. It's a time to fuel up for the exciting challenges and activities that await.

🏕️ Survival Skills: Test your mettle as you learn essential survival skills, from fire-making and shelter-building to navigation and buttons. Buttons? Wait, what? Yes, buttons. These skills are not only practical but also a testament to our resourcefulness and God-given abilities.

🙏 Worship & Preaching: Gather under the open sky for inspiring worship and impactful preaching. As we bask in the glory of creation, we'll deepen our connection and gain strength in our awe inspiring God.

Camping Adventures: Experience the thrill of camping in the wilderness, surrounded by the beauty of God's handiwork. This is a chance to disconnect from the daily grind, recenter your thoughts, and rediscover your purpose. (optional)

🔥 Bonfire Bonding: Gather around the blazing bonfire for moments of camaraderie and reflection. Share your thoughts, fears, and hopes while connecting with your fellow man on a profound level.

🤝 Teamwork & Brotherhood: Engage in team-building activities that foster brotherhood and unity. Strengthen your bonds with like-minded men who share your faith and values.

🌟 ManCamp at Movement Church is not just a retreat; it's an opportunity to connect with God, his creation, and with fellow brothers in faith. Join us for an unforgettable weekend of adventure, worship, and spiritual growth.

Secure your spot today for only $25 and embark on a journey of adventure and dominion. Don't miss out on this incredible experience! Register now for ManCamp at Movement Church on October 20-21.